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V.Gfiction 十二翼黑暗炽天使 – Chapter 1354 – I Don’t Want To Eat It development change quote-p3
Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1354 – I Don’t Want To Eat It protect yarn
Sweetie was reluctant. She dealt with Yana for a friend, so it was not likely she would grab her sweets field.
Previously, Sweetie acquired thought that if Zhou Wen had lied, he would immediately change into gold bullion the moment he handled her.
“Help me organize it apart,” Zhou Wen stated indifferently.
“What is it?” Zhou Wen investigated Sweetie in puzzlement, not sure what she meant.
“Why not? Needless to say. From now on, I’ll stick to you carefully. Basically If I find out that you lied if you ask me, I’ll require to h.e.l.l with me,” Sweetie reported, working all strong.
It’s not really that I wish to feed on it, but it’s a throw away to chuck it. It will also pollute environmental surroundings. I could only power my own self for any greater good… Sweetie satisfied themselves. She puffed up her cheeks and tad away from a large part, completing her cheeks. She was so joyful she was about to weep.
“Do you would like to try to eat everything? It is my treat…” Zhou Wen given the treat menu to Sweetie.
“I’ll go settle the payment. Hang on outside personally,” Zhou Wen mentioned since he walked up to make monthly payment.
“Do you need to feed on a single thing? It’s my treat…” Zhou Wen handed the dessert food list to Sweetie.
“Help me chuck it gone,” Zhou Wen claimed indifferently.
“There’s nothing I can do regarding this. I can’t take in nowadays. If you discover it difficult and do not prefer to help me to, I’ll toss it absent me,” Zhou Wen explained because he retracted his palm.
Obviously, consuming was second. The primary reason was he didn’t dare get Sweetie back in Luoyang. He simply had to think through it.
“If there’s hardly anything else, I’ll get my make now. I’m still very quickly to find the gentle and beautiful Sweetie. I have to go back the sweets pack to the rightful seller,” Zhou Wen claimed since he converted around and eventually left.
Zhou Wen obtained the desire to take out the citrus chocolate to give it a try, although with Sweetie by his facet, having it out now was comparable to using a dying would like. Zhou Wen naturally wouldn’t do a real risky element.
“Didn’t you have your load just now? Why have you get another article as takeaway?” Sweetie wanted she could stomp Zhou Wen inside the confront. But not only possessed he ingested a whole lot of, but he experienced even become takeaway while she couldn’t even receive a solitary bite.
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Sweetie was hesitant. She taken care of Yana as being a pal, so that it was extremely unlikely that she would steal her chocolate pack.
Sweetie was reluctant. She treated Yana for a pal, thus it was improbable she would take her sweets container.
Sweetie observed Zhou Wen similar to a haunting ghost. She didn’t say anything and merely observed. Her thought processes were actually a mystery.
Soon after showing up inside a town, Zhou Wen intended on resting and getting some meals.
“Help me toss it away,” Zhou Wen claimed indifferently.
“Oh, proper, you happen to be ghost. How could a ghost eat desserts? It is my fault for not staying inconsiderate. As I pa.s.s by an incense retail store, I’ll shop for you some document money…” Sweetie was already about to reach out to consider the treat menus when Zhou Wen retracted it and placed it over the desk before he set about eating.
“Why not? Needless to say. From now on, I’ll follow you very closely. Basically If I realize that you lied for me, I’ll get you to h.e.l.l with me,” Sweetie reported, performing all fierce.
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It is not that I would like to feed on it, but it is a spend to organize it. It is going to pollute the community. I could only drive personally to the far better good… Sweetie convinced themselves. She puffed up her cheeks and little away a substantial piece, completing her cheeks. She was so joyful she was approximately to cry.
However, Sweetie’s eyes suddenly lighted up. She hurriedly gotten to out and s.n.a.t.c.hed the handbag in excess of. As she switched around and went to the side, she explained, “Let me enable you to. Never put it randomly. It won’t be good should you unclean the avenues.”
“I’ll go resolve the monthly bill. Delay outside for me,” Zhou Wen stated since he walked to make settlement.
Section 1354: I Never Would Like To Take in It
Even so, when she thought of what Zhou Wen got accomplished, Sweetie believed that even if he wasn’t resting, he would definitely become precious metal if he touched her. Consequently, that approach was unproductive to evaluate him. Zhou Wen would change into yellow gold nevertheless.
Zhou Wen didn’t turn his travel as being the edges of his oral cavity twitched.. He had out his cell phone and dispatched numerous messages.
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Cannot feed on despite wishing to, Sweetie observed she was best off lifeless. All she wished would be to make this put quickly and go out without looking again.
“If there’s little else, I’ll take my abandon now. I am still in a rush to discover the light and delightful Sweetie. I have to come back the sweet package to the rightful seller,” Zhou Wen reported while he changed around and left.
Cannot try to eat despite planning to, Sweetie noticed that she was better off lifeless. All she needed was to leave this area quickly and walk out without searching back again.
Zhou Wen pretended to not ever see Sweetie gazing intently within the sweets looking at him. He quickly complete most of the desserts.
“If there’s little else, I’ll get my leave now. I’m still right away to discover the mild and beautiful Sweetie. I have to returning the sugary snacks carton to its rightful operator,” Zhou Wen reported when he transformed around and remaining.
Zhou Wen pretended to not see Sweetie looking intently within the desserts facing him. He quickly complete most of the desserts.
“Help me organize it absent,” Zhou Wen claimed indifferently.
“Wait an instant.” Sweetie discontinued Zhou Wen and went towards him.
Zhou Wen turned around and ongoing on his way. With Sweetie’s capabilities, he didn’t have much area to face up to if she really desired him dead. It turned out pointless being hesitant, so he chosen to do whatever he found it necessary to do.
Zhou Wen transformed around and ongoing on his way. With Sweetie’s abilities, he didn’t have significantly place to resist if she really wanted him gone. It was actually unproductive to always be afraid, so he wanted to do whatever he had to do.
Naturally, taking in was second. The primary reason was that he didn’t dare get Sweetie back to Luoyang. He needed to think through it.
As she spoke, Sweetie’s shape drifted absent and vanished in the blink associated with an eyes.


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