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Unrivaled Medicine God

NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2214 – Just Running an Errand long risk
Unrivaled Medicine God
Even without divine substance, His Excellency’s invincible might still could not really violated!
Powerhouses that crossed that yellowish collection all died.
… …
More than ten late-level Empyrean super powerhouses shifting out, how alarming was the commotion?
Divine Eagle Imperial City’s sky, miserable cries unexpectedly sounded out. The old physiques of quite a few powerhouses dropped downwards in succession.
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People powerhouses who acquired not crossed the fishing line yet changed lighter with fright and halted one after one more. How could they still dare to advance?
Overlook the demon race’s Heavenly Emperor, regardless if Sacred Ancestor Great Priest arrived individual, he also would not dare to act atrociously during the man race’s territory!
Unrivaled Medicine God
When performed this boy’s array growth attainments end up so strong as well?
Unexpectedly, everyone’s gazes s.h.i.+fted to Ye Yuan, simply being incredibly surprised!
Not a clue why, all those ideas emerging from Ye Yuan’s jaws had been so genuine.
Pilljade, your eye-sight can be as inadequate as ahead of!”
“Wanting to block the entire The southern area of Edge Alliance by getting a series, you, this impact, also are overestimating your very own power a lot of!”
Not a clue why, the terms coming from Ye Yuan’s oral cavity ended up so convincing.
The main photos on the The southern part of Border Alliance’s part also all shook their heads one after an additional and might not assist laughing.
Which kind of physique was High Priest Stardrive? Who acquired this qualification for you to make him manage an errand?
Everyone looked over Ye Yuan with horrified facial looks, as if that they had found a malefic star.
In the small dozens over breaths, there was thousands of Empyreans and A fact G.o.ds that fell.
… …
The main vaccinations on the The southern area of Edge Alliance’s part also all shook their heads one after another and may even not assistance giggling.
In virtually an immediate, the The southern area of Border Alliance’s side encountered serious casualties.
The minute this person showed up, the encounters of Empyrean Pilljade and the other powerhouses altered one after an additional.
The Divine Emperor leader endured in reference to his hands behind his back because he stated coolly, “This emperor is Stardrive under Sacred Ancestor Substantial Priest’s control. I only arrived up to operate an errand. You all don’t must make a major hassle.”
Ye Yuan’s behavior were definitely purely messing all over.
Though he was remaining restrained by Empyrean Chaoyuan, each side’s overcome strengths had been not on the same levels in anyway.
Empyrean Windrider and the ones grandmaster powerhouses were definitely aware they can no more appear on with flattened arms.
When performed this boy’s assortment development attainments become so strong far too?
Shortly, the The southern area of Boundary Alliance army broke through that collection Ye Yuan drew.
Empyrean Proudcloud’s phrases had been claimed halfway when all of a sudden, his entire body was ripped separate!
This was among the 11 disciples under Sacred Ancestor Higher Priest’s control!
He already roughly guessed the other person’s ident.i.ty. It was subsequently that he paid for no focus to it.
However, they did not realize that they died!
Forging The Path To Godliness
Empyrean Pilljade’s sound acquired yet to lose color every time a number slowly walked away from the void.
None of them considered that this take action today would really be pressured into this type of plight.


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